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(Last modified 1 March 2019.)
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The Midwest Topology Seminar

        Publications (etc.) available on line Visualizing A(2) Cohomology charts A(1)-resolutions as art

  • Math Department web site
  • Winter 2019 classes:
    • MAT 2020,
      MTWF 10:30-11:20,
      311 State Hall
      (Sec 005, CRN 20801)

    • MAT 7500,
      MWF 9:30-10:20,
      116 State Hall
      (Sec 001, CRN 27293)
  • Contact information:
    • Office: 1201 FAB
    • e-mail: robert.bruner in the domain
    • Dept. Tel: 313-577-2479,
      Fax: 313-577-7596
    • Office hours: MWF 11:40 - 12:30

  • What is topology, anyway?
  • See the wind (US only).
  • A World wide view of the wind and more.

  • The Cost of War
  • Black Box Voting: Election protection
  • Election paper trail
  • A4 vs. US Letter paper sizes
  • View of the Earth from the International Space Station

  • Plan
  • Erdos number: 3 (Thanks, Fred)
  • photo of me
    Below: talking to Adams, c. 1982
    me with hair
    A sampling of the world's weather:
    Detroit weather Click for Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden Forecast Oslo weather Manchester weather Barcelona weather

    I also like the Norwegian site 'yr' , named after a marvelous Norwegian word.

    Other reasonable sites: NOAA for US weather, and worldweather for the rest of the world.