Midwest Topology Seminar

The University of Chicago

February 26 and 27

All talks in Eckhart Hall room 206

Saturday, February 26

10:00 Ernesto Lupercio
K-theory, adelic Grassmannians and quantum field theory

11:30 Mark Mahowald
EO2 and eo2 resolutions

2:30 Haynes Miller
Leray in Oflag XVIIA: the origins of sheaves, sheaf cohomology, and spectral sequences

4:00 Gaunce Lewis
Commutative algebra for symmetric monoidal categories

Sunday, February 27

10:00 Michael Mandell
Algebraic models for equivariant homotopy types

11:30 Gunnar Carlsson
Some new ideas on the descent problem for algebraic K-theory

2:30 Ib Madsen
The deRham-Witt complex and K-theory

4:00 John Greenlees
Rational equivariant cohomology theories: new groups and examples

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