IU Midwest Topology Conference         

Indiana University, Bloomington

Saturday May 1, 2004

Topology Speakers: (Schedule of talks with titles and abstracts)


Kiyohsi Igusa (Brandeis University, Waltham)

Jacob A Rasmussen (Princeton University)

Pisheng Ding (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Randy McCarthy (University of Illinois, Urbana)


The National Science Foundation has made some funds available to the Midwest Topology Seminar, particularly to support participation by junior mathematicians. If you wish to apply for support, please contact Jim Davis or Kent Orr before the conference.


Contacts for questions or concerns: Jim Davis or Kent Orr

A brief look at the topologists in Bloomington.

Also a look at other Bloomington mathematics faculty.


Warning: Unlike previous Midwest Topology Conferences held in Bloomington, there is no Opera associated with this Conference.

Time zones: Bloomington, Indiana does not observe daylight savings time. Thus, at the time of this conference, Bloomington time agrees with Chicago time, and is one hour earlier than Detroit and New York time.

Hotel information: The most convenient place to stay is the IU Memorial Union Hotel and Conference Center. Rooms there will fill quickly. A few rooms are being held under the name "Midwest Topology Seminar" until Friday, April 23. There are numerous other reasonable places to stay in town with a braod range of prices, which can be found in the usual manner at, for instance, Yahoo.com. Please feel free to contact the organizers with specific questions.  (Contact)

Maps and parking information: If you are flying, fly into Indianapolis International Airport. From there, you can take the Classic Touch Limousine Service Inc. or the Bloomington Shuttle Service. Reservations are strongly advised (necessary) with both options. The former will take you directly to your hotel.

If you are driving, we recommend Mapquest for getting excellent driving directions. Here is a map of the city. Here is a map of the campus. When driving to the campus, there is a parking deck at the corner of Atwater and Woodlawn at the Atwater Garage, and only a short walk to the Math Department in Rawles Hall. Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday.


Date last modified: April 9, 2004