Midwest Opera-Topology Conference

Indiana University, Bloomington

Saturday and Sunday, October 28 - 29, 2000

Topology Speakers: (Schedule of talks)

Alejandro Adem (University of Wisconsin, Madison) adem@math.wisc.edu

Michael Davis (Ohio State, Columbus) mdavis@math.ohio-state.edu

Tom Farrell (SUNY, Binghamton) farrell@math.binghamton.edu

Chris Herald (University of Nevada, Reno) herald@unr.edu

Ayelet Lindenstrauss (Indiana University, Bloomington) alindens@indiana.edu

Peter Teichner (University of California, San Diego) teichner@math.ucsd.edu


Contacts for questions or concerns: Jim Davis or Kent Orr

A brief look at the topologists in Bloomington.

Also a look at other Bloomington mathematics faculty.


This conference re-establishes the once-loved tradition of having a topology conference in conjunction with a performance of the Indiana University opera. We have reserved a block of tickets for the Mozart opera

Cosi fan tutte

conducted by Paul Biss held at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 28. To reserve a ticket in this block, you must send a check so that it arrives by October 10 to:

Jim Davis
Department of Mathematics
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405

Please send $28 for each ticket desired and feel free to buy tickets for non-topologist guests. After Oct. 10, you may be able to purchase tickets outside the block by following the links on Cosi fan tutte.

If you wanted to make a weekend of it, there are events on Friday, such as a Ray Charles concert and a screening of Scream 3.

This conference is the pushout of the Midwest Topology Conference, held three times a year in varying locations and the Indiana Opera Topology Conference, held twice during the 1970's, and fondly remembered by those in attendance.

Warning about time zones: The conference weekend is the same weekend when most of the country moves their clocks back one hour to mark the end of daylight savings time. Bloomington does not observe daylight savings time. On Saturday, October 28th, Bloomington will be on the same time as Chicago. On Sunday, October 29th, Bloomington will be on the same time as New York. Our time does not change over the weekend.

Travel and Hotel arrangements - including maps and parking information.

Date last modified: October 25, 2000