Midwest Topology Seminar
First Announcement
October 16-18
Ann Arbor

All talks will be held in 1360 East Hall.


2:45 PM Cookies in the East Hall 2nd floor Common room
3:00 PM Ruth Lawrence (University of Michigan)
Modularity in quantum invariants of Seifert manifolds
4:30 PM Ernesto Lupercio (University of Michigan)
Complex and Real Holomorphic Bott Periodicity and Monopoles

9:30 AM Coffee (East Hall 2nd floor Common Room)
10:00 AM Stephan Stolz (University of Notre Dame)
Manifolds of positive scalar curvature and the Baum-Connes Conjecture
11:30 AM J. Peter May (University of Chicago)
Brave new model categories of diagram spectra
2:30 PM Mark Mahowald (Northwestern University)
Spectra with finitely presented homology over the Steenrod algebra
4:00 PM Paul Goerss (Northwestern University)
Recovering information about a space from its chains
6:00 PM Dinner party at the East Hall Atrium

10:00 AM Coffee (East Hall 2nd floor Common Room)
10:30 AM Cameron Gordon (University of Texas)
Simple 3-manifolds and Dehn filling
12:00 AM Shmuel Weinberger (University of Chicago)
On critical points of Riemannian functionals


On-campus university housing:

Oxford Conference Center - Private bedroom with access to a semi-private bath on the same floor (8 rooms available)- $56.50

Cambridge House - Private room with private bathroom (16 rooms available)- $60.00

The on-campus housing includes parking. For reservation, please call (734)-764-5297, fax (734)-764-1557 e-mail: cmc.services@umich.edu . Reservation deadline: September 10

Off-Campus housing:

Fairfield Inn by Marriott , 3285 Boardwalk, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, private room with queen-sized bed and private bath (20 rooms available) $79.00. Reservation deadline: September 18

Hampton Inn-South , 925 Victors Way, (734)-665-5000

Holiday Inn-West , 2900 Jackson Road, (734)-665-4444

Best Western Wolverine Inn , 3505 S State Street, (734)665-3500, (800)528-1234

Hampton Inn North , 2300 Green Rd. (734)996-4444, (800)HAMPTON

Note: both the Oxford House and the Cambridge House are within easy walking distance of the Math department. The off-campus locations, on the other hand, are more convenient for people who are driving (although there are cabs in the city). Parking permits will be available. (To request a parking permit, please e-mail ikriz@math.lsa.umich.edu

Graduate students:

We may be able to put you up with local graduate students. For more information, please e-mail Bryan Johnston at btj@math.lsa.umich.edu

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