Midwest Topology Seminar

The Midwest Topology Seminar has run since the middle 1960's, meeting Fall, Winter and Spring of most years. Originating in the desire of topologists in Chicago in the mid 1960s to meet to discuss recent developments, it grew into a meeting of algebraic and geometric topologists from the whole great lakes, upper midwest, region, regularly drawing participants from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ontario, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Kansas. Speakers are drawn from around the world, though, naturally, the majority come from the region. It is an especially useful way for students to make contacts.

The last few meetings have been held online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were tentatively planning to resume in-person meetings in Winter of 2022, but I do not wish to make predictions currently. Stay tuned.

Upcoming meetings

Archive of past meetings : This is a list of meetings of the MTS whose schedules were available in electronic form.


Lists of meetings:
    Here are some sources for information about conferences in the field.

Related sites:

Midwest Topology Seminar Mailing List:
   The MWTOPSEM mailing list has been retired. Announcements are now made through this web page, through Don Davis' AlgTop-L list , and through Alg-Top Conf Niles Johnson's list of upcoming conferences.

Participating Institutions: These are the home institutions of the regular participants in the Seminar.

If you want your department to be included in this list, or have other changes to suggest, contact the maintainer of this page.

Still to come

This page is primarily intended as an easy way for people to find the date, location and schedule of the next meeting, but it also serves to preserve some of the history as well. If you have suggestions, or things to contribute, please contact Bob Bruner at robert.bruner@wayne.edu .

Other things which might go here are:

  1. An archive of past meetings. I have what can be gleaned from Larry Taylor's MWTOPSEM archive, but that only goes back to 1994. It would be nice to get copies of the schedule of talks from early meetings. If you have such, I can scan them if they are in good condition, or find someone to transcribe them, if not.
  2. Something about the history of the Midwest Topology Seminar, as it is a rather unique non-institution.
  3. Directions to the meeting sites. (After a few rounds this ought to be pretty complete, and serve as an easy way to find directions to any department in the midwest with algebraic topologists in it.)
  4. Pointers to other algebraic topology web pages.